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Manufacturer of high quality standard and specialist bespoke engineered conveyor chains, with expert global support.

We Are Proud Of Our Conveyor Chains & Sprockets

Over 40 years experience, ISO 9001:2008 certification, 25000m2 UK manufacturing facility, Malaysian manufacturing facility and a U.S.A distribution centre.

Key Benefits

A few reasons why Brooks Ltd is trusted by some of the worlds largest companies to supply conveyor chains and ancillaries into their critical applications.

Stocked Components

By stocking standard conveyor chain components we are able to respond quickly whilst being able to apply attachments & coatings before final assembly.

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Ancillary Items

We can offer a full solution to our clients, including cast iron and fabricated sprockets, slat assemblies, product developments and site visits or surveys.

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Technical Support

We are able to offer global technical support by our fully qualified Mechanical Engineers and Materials Scientists from any of our 3 global offices.

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Experienced Core Team

We believe that a strong UK core team is at the centre of our success. Our key team members are fully qualified mechanical engineers, with the team leader also being a qualified materials scientist.

Our shop floor production team are highly experienced time served conveyor chain engineers, helping us to obtain a high quality repeatable product.

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Modern Website

Our website is designed not only around our clients, but also around access from a wide range of devices.
We offer a suite of online tools for our account holders, such as online prices, saved items and quick quotation requests. All quotations and order confirmations are also saved to your online account, making access to all of your chain information quick and easy.

How We Work

Each order is fully traceable and controlled by ISO 9001:2008

  • Stocked Parts & Steel
  • Breakdown Response
  • Batch Inspections
  • 3D CAD Design
  • ZERUST protection
  • Full OEM Support
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From bespoke engineered to standard conveyor chains and conveyor chain sprockets

What Our Customers Say

We aim to maintain a strong, technically led relationship with all of our clients and customers throughout the world.

Brooks Ltd are one of our most trusted and valuable partners. Their can do attitude to business has helped our company establish and sustain excellent relations with our customers.



We did a head to head comparison on both chains and we averaged about 1 1/2 years with our previous supplier and 1-3/4 up to 2 years on Brooks. We did this head to head for about 2 years.
Brooks service is great compared to our previous supplier and you don't have to argue with Brooks if they're wrong they will tell you up front.



Pin chain issues are a thing of the past thanks to Brooks USA……… And it’s a nice to have Tech support from our chain supplier if needed.



Example Products

Brooks Ltd offer a wide range of chains and ancillaries, from British Standard, FV & M series metric conveyor chains and sprockets,
through to ingot casting lines, theme park rides and submarine launch system chains.

British Standard
Conveyor Chain
£1.71/ ft

  • Stocked Parts
  • Sprockets to suit
  • Breakdown service
  • Imperial Dimensions
  • BS 4116 Part 4
M Series Metric
Conveyor Chain
£6.57/ m

  • Stocked Parts
  • Sprockets to suit
  • Breakdown service
  • Metric Dimensions
  • ISO 1977, DIN 8167
FV Series Metric
Conveyor Chain
£6.93/ m

  • Stocked Parts
  • Sprockets to suit
  • Breakdown service
  • Metric Dimensions
  • DIN 8165
£7.80/ ea

  • Cast Iron
  • Steel, EN8, Hardox,
  • Stainless + specials
  • Flame cut to machine cut
  • Standard, split + specials

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Precision Conveyor Chain Quick Overview

Conveyor chain is used as an efficient method for conveying products, rather than transmitting power (e.g. power transmission roller chain).

Conveyor chain is made up from number of different components, manufactured from materials best suited to their role within the chain. Conveyor chain is made up from a series of inner and outer links, pins, bushes and often rollers.

In its simplest form, an inner link consists of two inner link plates, which are pressed onto cylindrical bushes, relying on an interference fit to keep the link plates in place. A free fitting roller is often assembled onto the bushes allowing the chain to roll, although ‘bush conveyor chains’ (chains without rollers) are quite common in the market place.

An outer link consists of two outer link plates and two bearing pins. The bearing pins are pushed into the link plate on one side, before inner link assemblies are slotted over the bearing pins. The opposing link plate is then pushed onto the bearing pin, before the bearing pins are riveted over the outer link plates, forming a secure assembly.

As a general rule, there are three main types of conveyor chain;

Solid Pin Chain - Generally supplied with an attachment for ancillary fittings.

Hollow Pin Chain - Supplied with a hollow bearing pin. Ancillary items are bolted through the hollow pins.

Deep Link Chain - The top of the link plate is extended to keep the roller in board. Supplied ‘as is’ to be used for carrying items on top of the chains, or supplied with attachments for ancillary fittings.

Since the development of modern conveyor chain in 1880’s, there have been various standards developed, including;

Generally based around a standard BS, DIN or ISO conveyor chain, except with modifications to suit specific application requirements, such as operating under non-standard conditions or simply performing a specialist role. Engineered chains often offer a more financially viable solution to modification of a standard chain, especially when service life is of particular importance.

With our position as a high quality UK manufacturer, we are able to meet the design challenges that bespoke engineered chains raise. We already supply bespoke conveyor chain solutions to some of the world’s largest manufacturers, including car plants, steel manufacturers, water treatment sites and food processing to name a few.

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Designed for use in the British market, or where British engineering, design and purchasing is prevalent

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Used extensively throughout the European market

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Used extensively throughout the German market

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