As a British manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our quality, operating to ISO9001:2008. We have an experienced team of operators and engineers, working on modern machinery to provide high quality, repeatable components. Our 25,000m2 UK manufacturing facilities ensure that we keep most operations on site, only working with our trusted partners for specialist services.

Steel is supplied to our specification by a local stockist, ensuring that material is delivered quickly, ready for machining into components. All machining work is carried out on our bar feed CNC lathes, by operators who have many years of experience turning parts to exacting tolerances and standards. All components are inspected after machining, before any further processing takes place, helping to ensure the quality of our product and reducing any production delays.
Most of our link plates are manufactured using punches, ensuring tight tolerances and repeatability. We have a number of hydraulic and mechanical presses ranging from 20 tons to 400 tons available, depending upon the required duty of the link plates to be manufactured.

Although this means that there could be tooling charge for bespoke chains, we are able to machine all of our tooling in house, keeping costs to a minimum. However once a tool has been produced, we can ensure repeatability for this design of conveyor chain for any repeat orders, making the small investment worthwhile.
We often manufacture conveyor chains with ‘integral’ attachments. To manufacture these, we use the 75, 250 or 400 ton press, capable of punching material up to 16mm thick, with thicker material drilled and reamed. By punching and bending the links and attachments in house, we are able to ensure that tight tolerances are adhered to. Link plates are inspected before any further processing occurs, helping to ensure the quality of our products, whilst minimising any production delays.
Heat treatment is carried out by our trusted suppliers, who process tons of our components every month. By working with long standing and monitored suppliers, we can ensure that they have experience with not only our components, but also our grades of steel.

We are able to offer case hardened round parts, through hardened round parts, link plates and through hardened link plates, which are generally used to increase the working load of the conveyor chain, whilst keeping the chains overall weight to a minimum.

All components are processed to ISO9001:2008 and supplied with certification of treatment if required.
Due to the wide range of coatings available, we work with our trusted suppliers to provide;

  • Zinc plating with clear passivation
  • Zinc plating with gold passivation
  • Galvanising
  • Sherardizing
  • Misc coatings upon request

Coatings are often applied to conveyor chains in order to help prevent against corrosion and rust. For every two tons of steel produced, 50% is used to replace steel that has corroded. The type of coating used often depends upon the environment and application, although we are also happy to cater to our clients existing specifications.
Final assembly is carried out after all components have been checked against their required specification, post any further treatments such as coating. Our experienced assembly engineers use jigs, presses and automated riveting machines in order to achieve a high quality and repeatable process/finish.

Once a chain has been assembled, it is quality checked to tight tolerances by our inspection engineers, before being packaged and shipped to our customers for installation.

We are proud of our engineers, as well as the investment that we have made in our manufacturing facilities and quality systems. If you would like to view our manufacturing facilities and see our quality systems in action, we are always delighted to welcome visitors to our site in Manchester.