Packaged Conveyor Chain Solutions

Due to our position as a leading UK manufacturer, we are able to offer a package solution incorporating our key products;

  • Conveyor Chains
  • Attachments & Fixtures
  • Sprockets
  • Slats and Flights
  • Shafts

By supplying the chains, sprockets and ancillary items, we can ensure that the original design criteria are adhered to. If any modifications are required during the design, development or manufacturing stages, we are able to take an overview of the entire system and consider where a modification can impact in other areas. We are also happy to liaise with our customers design engineers or utilise our CAD and 3D CAD packages to help our clients develop their ideas further.

Before items are despatched, we are able to test assemble all of the additional components, often during the manufacturing stages. This enables us to make any modifications during production, helping to ensure trouble free installation when our products arrive on site.

We understand the importance of conveyor reliability to our customers. Stopping a conveyor can often lead to shortfalls in production or the requirement to manually handle products until any issues are resolved. We are able to offer a quicker response should further assistance be required. We can quickly trace all of the material and treatment certificates along with accessing assembly drawings and original conveyor chain calculations. This knowledge greatly assists us should we need to send a specialist engineer to site, as we know what to expect before we arrive.

By purchasing the complete package from Brooks Ltd, we guarantee a quick, no quibble response and resolution, should you ever need us.