Brooks specialise in bespoke product development for both OEM’s and end users. We work with some of the world’s largest companies, offering tailored solutions from theme park rides, to submarine launch and recovery systems.

Conveyor Chain Product Development

Our unique position as the UK’s last heavy duty, bespoke conveyor chain manufacturer gives us an unrivalled position to help our customers develop bespoke solutions. We are able to call on assistance from high quality steel suppliers and mills, specialist heat treatment suppliers, specialist coating services and UK materials test houses. Our machining and assembly operators have a vast array of experienced in bespoke chain manufacture, whilst our production & sales team includes experienced graduate engineers and materials scientists.

Whether you require a conveyor chain to work in aggressive environments, underwater, at elevated temperatures, under extreme loads or in complex system, Brooks already has the experience you require. Working with the latest software design packages and cutting edge machinery, we have already solved a wide array of specialist conveyor chain challenges.

If you require assistance for a bespoke conveyor chain application, then we are always happy to welcome potential or existing clients to our Manchester (UK) manufacturing facility.

Note - Please see our water ride brochure for example bespoke chain developments. Click Here for more information