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Conveyor Chain Sprockets

Brooks is a world class manufacturer of large precision cut gears. We apply the same technology to our conveyor chain sprockets, which can be supplied to suit a vast array of conveyor chain types. Due to our position as a manufacturer, we are able to supply sprockets with bespoke design features, or simply replace like for like.

What we offer;

  • Fabricated sprockets to suit transmission chains up to very large pitch roller chains
  • Heavy duty sprockets working under high loads or in harsh environments
  • Split sprocket designs available with flush fitting mating faces, for ease of replacement without removing shafts. Flush fitting mating faces ensure all teeth are perfectly aligned when fitted
  • Fully machine cut plastic sprockets available, including food grade plastics
  • Fabricated replaceable teeth and large fabricated drum rings (such as trommel drives)
  • Options for special tooth profiles
  • Optional removable/replaceable tooth profiles
  • Flame cut, laser cut, water jet cut or precision machine cut profile options
  • Fabrication from a wide variety of materials
  • Hardox sprockets available for the most demanding of applications
  • Numerous boss and shaft fitting options, including weldable hubs and taper lock bushes, cone clamps, single sided or central bosses, offset bosses, boring and keying, Gibb head keyways, bearings, counter bores etc
  • Flame and induction hardening services for increased sprocket life
  • Corrosion resistant coatings

Our 'standard' boss options are shown below;

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Plate Wheel Only

Platewheel only, complete with teeth to suit required chain. Can be bored and keyed if required

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Single Sided Boss

This is the most common type of sprocket/boss arrangement. We can offer a standard size boss if boss details are unavailable.

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Central Boss

Offers a larger keyway area and enables the sprocket to be rotated, whilst still aligning correctly on the shaft

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Offset Central Boss

Offers a larger keyway area and flexibility for adjusting the overall chain centre measurement

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Taperlock Bush and Weldable Hub

Option available depending upon shaft mounting preference

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Cone or Shaft Clamp

Option available depending upon shaft mounting preference. Allows the sprocket to slip if the chains are overloaded

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Twin Plate Single Boss

Generally used on chains with very large inside widths

Conveyor Chain Sprocket

Duplex Sprocket

Generally used on duplex transmission chain. We can offer simplex, duplex, triplex or any other arrangement as required.

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Please use the links below to download technical information;

Information Pack

This information pack contains the technical documentation for most of our product ranges.