Due to the wide range of designs and manufacturers of scraper systems for use in water applications, there are an equally wide range of chains used in these applications from fully plastic through to high grade stainless steel chains. These chains can be based on standards such as British Standard BS 4116 Part 4 or they can be of a bespoke design such as cranked link chains manufactured by Hitachi. These chains are generally used as ‘twin strand’ where chains run both sides of a paddle/scraper and are driven from a structure above the tank.

We are able to offer a large number of chains suitable for these types of applications whether it is a water treatment settlement tank or a settlement tank used in food processing such as coffee. We can offer chains and attachments from 21kN up to and above 1600kN with sprockets and scraper bars to suit.

Basic scraper chain information is covered in our Scraper Chain flyer.