Often overlooked, conveyor chains fill a critical role in moving products and materials to their required destinations. Although conveyor chains are considered a consumable item, purchasing a new set of chains can often require a significant investment especially for bespoke conveyor chains, while conveyor chain failure can often cause production delays, with parts for specialist bespoke chains usually requiring several weeks for manufacture.

Conveyor Chain Site Surveys and Inspection

In order to help our customers achieve their maximum conveyor chain life and therefore return on investment, we are able to send specialist engineers to inspect conveyors and elevators. We are also able to perform inspection on conveyor chains that have not been supplied by us, offering an independent 3rd party overview.

As part of a site visit, we would inspect safety aspects, overall chain wear, sprocket wear, guide rail and support structure conditions, alignments and lubrication, attachment condition, slat or belt condition and wear, plus many other items. We are also able to approximate remaining chain life and advise if any immediate remedial action is required.

As part of our inspection, we are also able to offer advice to maintenance and service engineers with regards to correct sprocket alignment, monitoring sprocket wear, measuring pitch extension, examining roller/bush bore & pin wear, performing lubrication and correct operation and tensioning. A site visit also allows maintenance and service engineers to ask any questions that they may have, or seek clarification on any issues that may have been experienced.

Upon completion of a site visit, Brooks supply a full written report on our findings, along with any advice that may be relevant to the continued operation of the conveyor or elevator.